Positive Leadership, Emotional Wellbeing, and Happiness to strengthen your Business

In partnership with leading researchers, senior executives and positive leading experts we have developed a corporate and scientific approach to Organizational Excellence

Based on the only scientific index to capture emotional wellbeing, our Proprietary Assessment evaluates your Positive Leadership and Culture strengths 

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Our creativity, resilience and energy source from a balanced life that allows time and places for different expressions of the self. Successful cities and organizations achieve so by offering spaces designed for well-being, flexible time, wellness activities and programs both for mental and emotional care, and multiple occasions to share feedback and ideas






Transparency, openness and caring leadership that enables each one's sense of participation, autonomy and engagement.







Organizations are communities that need to nourish relationships among their members to grow trust, engagement and collaboration. 







Each group needs to connect their past, present, and future with a higher purpose. People's ultimate motivation is being part of something bigger than themselves. Your organization or city needs to have a tangible impact on the communities and eventually on the World. Successful societies have a clear mission, a "why" they exist that energizes everybody. 





    The key to success is quick learning and adaptation. Successful organizations need to provide individual space for personal growth within a trusting learning culture.




    Successful organizations make sure their members can have multiple positive interactions that outnumber the negatives proper of our fast paced competitive environment. Think Google!



    Self Acceptance

    One of the strongest human motivations is recognition, than comes from internal and external imput. Organizations can use all its power by implementing a fair system of material remuneration and a culture that nourishes each person's feelings of usefulness and worthiness.




    Lost are the days of uniformity. The most talented people are as diverse, and unique, as ever and they praise a culture where they feel they can be themselves on the important things. The inclusion of diversity contributes to the high intensity of co-creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

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